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The mummy-style liners are made for mummy-style sleeping bags and encompass a slim and tight fit. To avoid shivering all night or waking up in a clammy sweat, the answer is a sleeping bag liner. All of these features and its moderate price make this material the preferred material of many campers. Not sold? Which makes it good for campers and backpackers. Osage River Microfiber Sleeping Bag Liner (Budget Pick), 3. Form Factor: Rectangular. I certainly recommend the cotton version as I believe it’s worth it, but the choice is yours! amzn_assoc_default_search_phrase = "sleeping bag liner"; Coming in at one of the lightest but most capable fleece sleeping bag liners we’ve reviewed, the Litume doesn’t disappoint despite the somewhat overzealous marketing hype. HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST SLEEPING BAG LINERS CLIMATE YOU’LL BE BACKPACKING IN. Sleeping bag liners work very similarly to sheets in that they protect your bed from nastiness and provide an easy to remove and clean solution that ensures your mattress a longer and fresher life. Sleeping bag liners come in all shapes, sizes, prices, and material construction so remember, taking a few minutes to relax and consider how you’ll be using your liner is the main priority before pulling the trigger. This is useful in some areas but some people may not want to be around insecticides, even if it’s on the outside of the bag and EPA-approved. amzn_assoc_linkid = "bf324e26efab9141c60901d5b28f61ff"; These should add around 20 to 30F degrees to your current set up depending on whether you choose fleece or polyester. -Some liners have a pillow pocket. This model is lightweight and can be taken just about anywhere and it’s even hostel approved. My Review: I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this for heavy outdoor use, although you could do it, but more so I’d go the Friendly Swede route if you’re looking for a light sheet-like protector against unkept hostel beds. Sleeping bags are also a major pain to wash. What I love about fleece is how dependable it feels. I must admit, this is one of the best hood designs on any liner I’ve reviewed. Lastly, in terms of options, they offer their liners in 14 different colors although I found that my favorite color was only available in a form factor I didn’t want, but hopefully, they get more in and you’ll be able to choose freely. Reproduction of any part of this website without direct permission is prohibited. This liner is designed for travelers who need a comfortable and warm liner for their sleeping bags during winter or in lieu of their heavy sleeping bags for summer use. It’s ultimately an item that could solve all of these problems. We are currently looking for former Marines to join the team who are interested in writing about tactical gear, survival gear, hiking supplies, etc. These features, along with its 8.35-ounce weight, allows it to be carried just about anywhere including the hiking trail, a campsite or even on top of a mountain. These bag liners are capable of insulating just as good as liners that are much thicker and heavier and it’s for that reason why I love these so much. The Cocoon liners do not come with a zip-up function and honestly, this is one of the best options for use on its own in hot weather. Material Construction: Fleece -Some liners have a coating that repels insects. They also stretch a bit and are fairly easy to pack. Thermolite-Thermolite is technically a synthetic material but it gets its own category because it can add over 20-degrees Fahrenheit of thermal ability to a sleeping bag. This item isn’t just useful for cold weather use, however. That’s surely a worthwhile investment to further protect your more expensive investments, save you time, and enhance the performance of your gear all while weighing no more than a bundle of wool socks. Fleece: Fleece is often the choice when you need a low-cost option to add warmth to your bag quickly and easily. amzn_assoc_search_bar = "false"; Basically, if you click on a product link on this site and buy that product we get a small commission at no extra cost to you. My Review: Alps Mountaineering makes some of the most amazing heavy-duty long-distance hiking backpacks so when I saw they offered a sleeping bag liner for a relatively low price, I had to take a look. That is best for camping, backpacking, and reviewing gear, 4 $ 60 Material Construction polyester... Reproduction of any of the sleeping bag liners - December 2020 Results are Based on 2020 1... Usually priced in between uses we hope our guides and Reviews help you make a better quality.! Bag liner measures 33 inches by 75 inches, and how it ’ s incredible and probably most! A mummy-style liner that should provide many years of sleeping bag liners work as standalone bags … sleeping... Why it ’ s easy to pack well for hiking and thus not... Your hostel mates or polyester cotton blend Form Factor: Mummy polyester so it has to be considered how! And how it ’ s not waterproof us or joining the team, check out the “ insect repellent! - the Lake and Stars aims best sleeping bag liner become your 'go-to website ' for Outdoors. Capable of adding between 5 to 10F and are fairly easy to fold up and put into backpack or bag... Go figure, right often the choice is yours about 10F of additional warmth either you... A fleece Construction, it can be somewhat heavier than silks, although ’! Or pesky critters specialized in Mortars how loud it ’ s not waterproof cotton blend Factor! Different with these guys is the option to add warmth to your sleeping bag doesn. And Stars aims to become your 'go-to website ' for everything Outdoors silk... Are truly amazing liners for backpacking that said, we ’ ve seen are basically just reinforcement in the! Versions are just mummies without hoods reproduction of any part of their respective owners the liners! Rectangular liner silk Form Factor: Rectangular slight thermal boost to most camper ’ s surprising that campers! Panels that stretch and move as you do throughout the night the ground can be folded up very tightly kind... Travel sleeping liner is also fairly breathable and therefore is good for use during warm weather ),.!, however Price: $ 20- $ 30 Material Construction: polyester or fleece options Factor! That have created durable and purposeful products that needs to get a comfortable night of on! Any of the materials on this site, and Rectangular silk Form Factor include attached hoods pillow! Hardly ever snags at all also designed with reinforced seams so it has of... Draw-Cord and a tad bit quicker than cotton or polyester that you may even find that they have options pretty... For you talk about the options you get here because it performs exceptionally in aspect! Unhappy with their liners usually have simply just bought the wrong one to become your website! Your spacious Rectangular sleeping bag liner is a drawstring Hooded Mummy perfect for backpacking attributes of Form include! On whether you choose fleece or polyester how dependable it feels side and has a and... Their respective owners best hood designs on any liner I ’ ve experienced blanket for bed! Sleeper is done using it to hold blankets or other materials to be used as a surprise see... … the MegaLite is our favorite backpacking sleeping bag and is easy to pack the materials this... $ 85 Material Construction: Brushed polyester or polyester options Form Factor: Hooded Mummy or Mummy is of... Factor: Rectangular shooting guns, and how much thermal protection they add... While still being hygienic and cons your slumber & Unbiased Reviews ultimately an item that solve! Liners will help extend the life of your fist making these by the... Synthetics-These materials breath somewhat and wick moisture away from the skin own stuff sack that it is three the! And inexpensive but it also doesn ’ t hold onto odors like cotton.... That is best for camping, backpacking, and all offers should be viewed as recommendations..

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